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Camp Jumps

High desert camp jump.

Not sure what to do in camp to fill the time? One of our favorite things to do is to build a camp jump and jump our bikes. We improve our “air” skills, entertain the dogs and have fun!

We’ve built camp jumps all over the West and these are a few of our favorites:

  • desert camp jump
  • high desert camp jump
  • alpine camp jump
  • hoodoo camp jump

To build your own camp jump, follow these basic steps:

  1. Grab a chair and drink a beer or two (mandatory). Sit until bored.
  2. Scout the area for materials, quality of dirt and ride-in options.
  3. Build the jump. Finish with water, if necessary, and a good whack with a shovel.
  4. Jump your bike!*
Alpine camp jump.
Alpine camp jump.
*Wild Westish is not responsible for your safety. Riding bikes is dangerous!

Tumbleweed Tours

canyon_450Actually the dessicated carcasses of an invasive species, commonly known as Russian Thistle, tumbleweeds rolling across the open desert are as iconic as it gets. But those weeds can’t tumble forever! We will take you to some of their most popular gathering spots, where you can marvel at the spectacle that is the tumbleweed en masse.

Contact us to set up a tour!