Mack and bald eagles.

Are you an optimist?

If you find the last dispersed camping spot in the canyon are you bothered by the dust, noise, and lack of privacy? Or are you grateful that the canyon is beautiful and the camping free? What if the camping spot is in a lumpy field of fresh horse poop? What if your dogs love to eat horse poop? What if nearby cows are bellowing throughout the night? And a wildfire nearby is filling the valley with smoke? Would you describe

condon motel

Five reasons why you might want to stay inside.

Spending 10 days on the road, camping, fishing, mountain biking and trail running might sound like a pretty fun vacation (and it is!!), but as I try not to scratch the bug bites on my arms, and scabs are starting to itch as scratches heal, I realize this style of vacation is not for everyone. Bugs. I was outside for most of 10 days and my arms, legs, hands, back, belly, head and ears are covered with an assortment of

drawing by Laurel Hunter

Images From A Mountain Bike Ride

The missing tooth in the mouth of the rider who passed me at the rock garden. He didn’t clear it either, but “life goes on,” he said. He was wearing a blaze orange vest, unzipped, flapping at his sides as he pedaled away. This same rider on the trail, riding up “Gravity Hill.” The spring green sloping ridge was backed by a wall of steel blue rain clouds. The orange vest a vivid, slow moving dot against the sky. A

In Praise of Things

Something we hear a lot about these days is that we should value experiences over things, and I agree that almost any bike ride is better than a big screen TV. And camping with a view (and my dogs) beats a luxury car. And a fancy mixer/juicer/blender/appliance would just seem like clutter to me. But I think we can all agree there is a lot to be enjoyed and appreciated about certain things. There is the gear, of course, that


Not so long ago I didn’t know how to get air on my bike. I quickly realized how much this limited 1) my speed 2) my style 3) my fun and I started spending most evenings at the local jump park. Camp jumps became an essential part of every weekend. I bought a big bike, fashioned summer vacations around bike parks and eventually I got to be okay at it. It doesn’t take much to make me very, very happy. Luckily, I have

Camp Jumps

Not sure what to do in camp to fill the time? One of our favorite things to do is to build a camp jump and jump our bikes. We improve our “air” skills, entertain the dogs and have fun! We’ve built camp jumps all over the West and these are a few of our favorites: desert camp jump high desert camp jump alpine camp jump hoodoo camp jump To build your own camp jump, follow these basic steps: Grab a chair and drink a

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