tiny drawing - laurel hunter - spaceshipYou may remember that I took a spill last September. Turns out I tore my rotator cuff (my supraspinatus tendon, to be specific), and had to have it repaired last week.

While I can scribble down ideas for posts, my inability to type as fast as I think, with only one hand available to help with typing, is leaving me disinclined to write for now. Wild Westish will return to normal posts in 5 weeks.

Anyone interested in what to expect from shoulder surgery? I found little on the web to help me, and lots to scare me. This article on pain management in Germany was a huge help. I was prescribed massive quantities of pills which I did not need or take. Ice makes everything better. I have some notes from the first week which I am happy to share.

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mosquitoes, courtesy of the Field Book of Insects

The Mighty Mosquito

MTB Moses parting the road.

Holy Shit, Las Vegas

Off trail in Wyoming.


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