One Edge of the World

Pinhole photo of the Oregon Coast.
The Oregon Coast.

Sometimes you need to go to the edge of the continent and see absolute vastness on the horizon. Feed your skin cells with humidity, and walk through a forest with ferns and soft dirt. The Oregon coast is particularly striking, with dramatic rocky formations, and quickly changing weather. Our dog Emma, now 14 and on her 14th life, sprinted around the open sandy beaches. Mack sniffed the tide pools and watched the gulls. We explored the coastal forest, fished sketchy creeks filled with tiny trout. The fog rolled in and burned off in a mysterious rhythm. The wind blew. Waves crashed at a frequency that was heard and felt.

I posted many photos on Instagram, but here are a selection of pinhole photographs from the weekend. Still getting the hang of it, but excited by the accidental results.

Pinhole photo of the Oregon Coast.
Pinhole photo of the Oregon Coast
Cape Perpetua. Pinhole photograph.
Looking towards Cape Perpetua.
Tide pools on the Oregon Coast.
RK is the smudge near the horizon, looking for starfish and watching waves move the sea palms.
Seagull on the Oregon Coast.
This seagull didn’t move during this long exposure!
Pinhole photo of the Oregon Coast.
Tide pools and waves.

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Ponderosas in the fog.

Just Outside the Door, Over There

Feather, tip down


Tiny mountains in the mountains


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  • Wow, these photos are amazingly beautiful. Very surreal.
    I had to look up what “pinhole photography” is. 🙂
    Hope you and Rodney are great!!!

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