I have an unfortunate, but not unjust, reputation as a person who sandbags mountain bike rides. I don’t claim to be a bad rider, or out of shape, and then crush everyone, but I sometimes think rides will be easier and possibly shorter than they end up being. Usually this is a case of mis-remembering and optimism. The first time I led someone astray on a mountain bike ride was only partially my fault. A road biking friend was visiting

Moab! Still Awesome.

A couple of years ago, for a couple of years, we lived in the little town of Moab, Utah. When people ask me if I miss living in Moab, the thing I immediately think of is being in awe of the landscape and grateful to be in it, every single day. We camped less, because our backyard was as good as most places we camped. Of course, the mountain biking was amazing, too. But mostly it was the beauty, the light,

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