All the Animals

Animals are an essential part of life in the Wildish West. You have heard about our dogs, the fish we try to catch, moose and spiders encountered on the trails, and there are frequent sightings of coyotes, deer, elk, antelope, squirrels, beavers (sometimes alive!), muskrats, and birds of all kinds. Even the damn cows… My day is better when I hear coyotes howling while I am out for a run, even when the dogs are chowing down on a coyote’s

How to roll with it and end up with a nearly perfect weekend

We headed up to Wyoming for Labor Day weekend with some loose plans, a few ideas and the potential to fish, ride and camp with friends. After a lazy Saturday AM departure, we set out for a small ranch outside of Boulder, WY that sits right on the bank of the East Fork river. On the way we took a detour up LaBarge Creek which, rumor says, is full of trout. Alas the road was more cratered than drivable and

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