Not so long ago I didn’t know how to get air on my bike. I quickly realized how much this limited 1) my speed 2) my style 3) my fun and I started spending most evenings at the local jump park. Camp jumps became an essential part of every weekend. I bought a big bike, fashioned summer vacations around bike parks and eventually I got to be okay at it. It doesn’t take much to make me very, very happy. Luckily, I have

Camp Jumps

Not sure what to do in camp to fill the time? One of our favorite things to do is to build a camp jump and jump our bikes. We improve our “air” skills, entertain the dogs and have fun! We’ve built camp jumps all over the West and these are a few of our favorites: desert camp jump high desert camp jump alpine camp jump hoodoo camp jump To build your own camp jump, follow these basic steps: Grab a chair and drink a

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