Yay Monday!

balsam root on monday

If you work at a job, in an office, you know the general refrain about Mondays being the worst days. And if you had an especially excellent weekend doing your favorite things, it is rarely easy to get back to work. When you spend your weekend doing all of your favorite things, how long does it take for that glow-y feeling to wear off once you sit down at your desk on Monday morning? I’m sure it depends on the

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I’d rather be on vacation

We will be there soon...

You know those bumper stickers, I’d rather be skiing/fishing/sailing/driving a Titleist/etc.? I think we can all relate to that feeling, especially as we sit in a car, close enough to read someone’s bumper sticker. There are so many things I would rather be doing, most of the time. We are planning 2 vacations right now: spring and summer. Spring can be a little tricky, and especially this year, with huge amounts of snow melting everywhere in the West and insistently

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I have an unfortunate, but not unjust, reputation as a person who sandbags mountain bike rides. I don’t claim to be a bad rider, or out of shape, and then crush everyone, but I sometimes think rides will be easier and possibly shorter than they end up being. Usually this is a case of mis-remembering and optimism. The first time I led someone astray on a mountain bike ride was only partially my fault. A road biking friend was visiting

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